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Jackson County Public School District Exceeds AMO Goal on State Assessment

The Jackson County Public School District’s overall score on the state assessment Unbridled Learning: College and Career-Readiness for All is 61.4. The district overall score increased 2.9 points from last year and exceeded the 59.5 Annual Measurable Objective Goal (AMO) for 2015.  Three schools exceeded their 2015 AMO Goals: Tyner Elementary School, Sand Gap Elementary School, and Jackson County Middle School.  Tyner Elementary is classified as a Distinguished School. Tyner Elementary also earned the status of a High Performing School/High Progress School. A High Performing School has scores from the 90th to the 94th percentile in the state. A High Progress School is in the top 10 percent of schools demonstrating improvement. The district score is based on two components: Next Generation Learners and Program Reviews.  Next Generation Learners includes 5 areas: achievement, gap, growth, college and career readiness, and graduation rate.  There are four Program Review areas: Arts and Humanities, Practical Living and Career Studies, Writing, and Primary (K-3). The percent of Jackson County High School graduates who are college and/or career ready increased from 54.1% in 2014 to 54.6% in 2015. The 2015 four Year Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate is 87.9%.


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