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Microsoft IT Academy

On Wednesday, August 5, 2015, Jackson County Public Schools hosted a Microsoft IT Academy Training.  The training was attended by individuals from 30 schools around the state and representatives from the Kentucky Department of Education.

The Kentucky Legislature has designated funds to offer the Microsoft IT Academy to every high school and area technology center in the state.   Microsoft IT Academy offers a comprehensive technology curriculum you can use to help students learn the IT skills they need. The following curriculum is available to Kentucky schools:

  • Digital Literacy - Teaches essential computing skills
  • Online Learning - Access to in-depth online courses
  • Lesson Plans - Full curriculum on technical subjects
  • Microsoft Official Academic Course (MOAC) - A comprehensive program on Microsoft technologies
  • Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC) - Materials for short-term courses, such as seminars and workshops

Jackson County Public Schools’ Technology Department and JCPS Gifted Education Program in partnership with Promise Neighborhood offered a STEM Camp for students in grades 3-12 on July 6-9, 2015, held at the new Jackson County Board of Education, Central Office Administration Building.  Students participated in a variety of activities including: Computer Programming, Robotics, Digital Photography and Video, Multimedia Projects, and Science Projects. Students participated in a field trip to the Veteran’s Park in McKee and had the opportunity to interview Bob Gabbard and Jim Bryant for a Virtual Field Trip Video of the Veteran’s Park that the students are creating as one of their projects.

New Tables at Tyner

The pictures show the new tables and table cabinets that were installed at Tyner Elementary School.  The table cabinets are mounted to the walls allowing the enclosed tables to be let down for the students to eat lunch and breakfast on.  This should make it much better to utilize the gym for physical education activities; this should also make the clean-up after meals much easier. 

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