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Non-Traditional Instructional Day Parent Survey

The Non-Traditional Instructional Day will allow our district to conduct school through virtual or other non-traditional means on days that we would normally have to cancel school (for weather, flooding, sickness, etc.)  There are currently 13 districts in Kentucky using the Non-Traditional Instructional Day.  The district is in the process of gathering input from various stakeholders to determine if the Non-Instructional Day would be an option for Jackson County for the 15-16 School Year.  The Non-Traditional Instructional Day will allow our students to continue with activities going on in the classroom and help minimize learning loss from being out of school for long periods of time. 



Yearbook Image Share

Students and Parents,


You can now share your school appropriate pictures for consideration in the next edition of the yearbook, by using this easy to use app. Search for the app "balfourimageshare" in the App Store or Google Play. The school's project code is 526232. Appropriate pictures include sports, dances, and friends pictures.


All pics are reviewed by school staff to ensure they meet the standards and appropriateness of publication in the school's yearbook.

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