School News

New Lighting in JCMS Gym

The new lighting for the JCMS gymnasium was completed this past Saturday.  It is a four-bar LED light system.  We have also been approved by Jackson Energy for another rebate to replace all the lighting in the JCMS with LED lighting.  The rebate will pay approximately half of the cost and we hope to have the project completed within a couple of months.  We plan to have all of our schools converted to LED lighting in the near future.

I-Ready Testing

Beginning on August 17th, students at McKee Elementary in grades K-5 will begin taking the Beginning of Year I-Ready assessment.  This will set the baseline for their I-Ready work and for growth measurement on subsequent I-Ready test throughout the year.  Because this test is very important, please encourage your child to do his or her best work.  To do our part to help encourage each child's best effort, the school will be having an achievement party for those students whose beginning of year I-Ready score is no more than one grade level below grade level expectations.

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