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Summer Feeding

Gifted and Talented Parent Survey

Please take a few minutes to complete a survey about Gifted and Talented.  Your input is appreciated.

Gifted and Talented Parent Survey

Preschool Screening & Registration

Preschool Screening and Registration will begin soon. 

If you are interested in enrolling your child in Preschool for the 2015--2016 school year, please all Coreen at 287-3926 or Paulette at 287-7181 for an appointment.

End of Year Assessments

      We just wanted to let you know that your child will begin some of the end of year assessments this week.  These are very important in order to show how much your child has learned/progressed this year, as well as how he or she is performing in comparison to their peers and grade level expectations.


       On Thursday, April 23rd through Wednesday, May 6th, kindergarten through 2nd grade students will be taking the district I-Ready and Think Link Assessments that are given three times per year to assess the students’ progress.  Not every grade will be testing every day, but this is the window in which these grades will take the district tests.  Make-ups will be given whenever necessary.  As an incentive to encourage students to do their best in the classroom at all times and to try hard on these assessments, there are rewards tied to their performance on the I-Ready assessment.  This reward is a type of payment for their hard work, just as your paycheck is a payment for your work. Students that show the designated amount of growth by their score on the I-Ready assessment will earn a reward that is being planned for this purpose.  This will be a major reward of a fun-filled day for only those students that show the pre-determined amount of growth.  This growth is determined based upon the student’s prior scores, so it is attainable for all students, whether they be below level, on level, or above level.  The date for the reward celebration has not been set at this time.  Please encourage your child to try his or her best on these assessments so that they can earn this reward.  We would love to see every student here earn the reward.


     As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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