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Test-to-Stay FAQ


??Do I have to participate? No, this is optional and if you are not 18 we will need parent/guardian permission.

??What happens if I can't test five days in a row? If you can't test five consecutive school days you will need to finish your quarantine at home. If you start testing on Friday then you would test on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of the following week.

??Can I ride the bus to be tested? No, you must be transported by your parents or drive yourself.

??Where will this testing occur? We will test between 8-9 each morning. Students or parents will circle the building and park between the fence/football locker room. Our nurse will test students while they are in the car. The results will take about 15 minutes.

??If I choose to opt out of the test-to-stay program and quarantine instead, can I come be tested on day 6 and return to school that day with a negative test? Yes, the school nurse will be able to administer that test on day 6 following the same procedures mentioned above.

??Does this test require the long swab? No, this test is similar to the flu test.

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